At the William, every floor is a different color. Monochromatic palettes of blue, teal, pink, orange or yellow vibrantly coat the ceilings, walls, carpets and bed linens. Guests are immersed in visceral color. The design of the William is the collaborative work of In Situ Design, Lilian B Interiors and artist William Engel. Blurring the lines between their three fields of architecture, interiors and art, they created a livable three-dimensional painting.

The experience begins in glowing white corridors where large scale paintings enliven colored niches. The abstract forms of these paintings are translated into rooms where guests can fully experience unabashed color.

Seamless white resin floors frame the colors. Diplomatic neutrality is found on furnishings and in bathrooms, with a play of gray tweed. In larger suites, floating walls separate living from sleeping while smoked mirrors provide a reflective backdrop for sleekĀ  kitchens. Terraced suites offer guests an outdoor urban oasis to view the classic New York city skyline.